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Apple Pulp Garden Disk

Apple Pulp Garden Disk


  • $47.95

Our fruit and vegetable infused disks are produced with the same Non-GMO, BPA free, 100% biodegradable biopolymer, and are infused with 100% organic Carrot, Potato, Apple and Cranberry pulp and fiber. This infusion of natural bio-fibers will release additional nutrients to the soil as the disks decompose. All of our disks help to eliminate competition for soil nutrients with unwanted weeds around the base of your plant. Acts as a watering aid collecting moisture and channeling it to the base of your plant where it is needed most. Protect plants against cutworms and other invasive insects. Heats the soil near the base of the plant and retains moisture. At the end of the growing season these disks can.

    *Rate of de-composition will vary based on the amount of microorganisms
    within your soil. Higher concentration of Microorganism in the soil will produce
    faster decomposition.

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